With WindTalker ®, information is secured within the native format, delivered on your terms, and is independent of device.

WindTalker's patent pending security framework creates Self-Protecting Data® that allows cradle-to-grave protection of the information itself. Documents, images, videos, text messages, emails and voice communications can all be customized for distribution
on a "need-to-know basis" for any number of users.

WindTalker operates on any device, any place, and on any network.

Protect What Really Needs Protecting: YOUR DATA

WindTalker creates self-protecting data within the native file format. Elements within a single file can be individually protected based on definable roles, regardless of the device or application.

Protect What Really Needs Protecting: YOUR DATA

See What You Protect

WindTalker’s patent pending technology allows the user to select and classify elements within a document and visually classify its level of security with a selected color. Users see this classification and associate data with colors and are repeatedly made aware of the information they are handling. This results in a change in user behavior as it relates to sensitive information.

See what you protect

Automatic Data Classification and Enforcement

WindTalker’s Scout technology enhances and enforces an organization’s security policies and awareness. Upon document open, save or exit, these Scouts seek and find predetermined data and apply the appropriate security classification and protection.

Automatic Data Classification and Enforcement

Say goodbye to multiple file versions.

One File, Multiple Views.

A View of Differential Sharing

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Featured Apps

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Secured Chat

THE OLD WAY:  All messages, in a chat conversation, are encrypted using the same key.

THE NEW WAY: Individual messages are assigned different encryption keys based on the intended audience’s role.

WT Chat™
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Whole File Encryption
and Management

THE OLD WAY: Traditional encryption programs only allow you to apply access protection to a single viewing type.

THE NEW WAY: WindTalker for Windows allows you to encrypt an entire file and assign which audiences are approved to view the file.

WT for Windows™
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Sub-File Encryption for
Microsoft Word®
WT for Word Video Demo

Use a Scalpel and not a Machete

THE OLD WAY: Create multiple versions of a document based on the viewers’ authorized clearance level, creating version control issues.

THE NEW WAY: The individual elements inside the document are protected and viewable only by the authorized audiences.

WT for Word™
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